“Save the Icon”, randomly citting one – Elvis Presley

Roxy in the Box’s new artistic project is an experiment in performance/photography focusing on the use of historical icons of contemporary life. In this quest and the research which led her to “Save the icon”, the artist aimed to provoke viewers regarding the impossibility of halting the advancement of a “liquid world” which flows at an increasingly fast pace. This liquid world undersells icons and our history and could sweep us away, liquefying all that we are. Roxy in the Box’s ecological vision causes us to reflect on the risks associated with the use/abuse of images to which we are exposed to by figurative/iconographic bombing from the Internet and social networks. Animated by a desire for “lightness”, as Italo Calvino would say, of one who chooses (first in emotional terms and then in artistic terms) to make a statement regarding the state of health of our history which is frequently translated onto t-shirts, the artist proposed an ambitious project “…Save the icon in truth is also Save the planet”. As Roxy herself declared “If we save the icon, save the historical significance behind the icon, save our history and save ourselves then we can save the planet.”




short film by NFI



Elvis on stage



Elvis life



Elvis in studio




costumer by Tania Bosso – make up designer Roberto Pastore – photo by Marcello Merenda

Production Mirto srl – Borgo Castello di Postignano
Special Thanks to Studio Trisorio