Roxy in the Box

In or out the Box? Roxy in the box began her artistic career at the Art Institute of Naples “Filippo Palizzi” then specializes in affresco at the Institute Building” la Dozza of Bologna. But in Naples she decides to establish its roots through all the experiences of life and pain that characterizes this controversial city. It is from this immense microcosm that her critical eye developed towards contemporary society ready to investigate, hit, taunt and expose everything that lie beyond the box. Visual art her field of investigation, silent but deep. Painting, video, installation, performance, actions and PULP_ACTIONS  communicating art through the body. Cinema and literature points of inspiration. Internet her third arm, music the sedative and the amphetamine. Roxy in the box uses as a means of the POP ART and all lies on the surface practicing full languages ​​and icons. Attached to it is another component that allows her to go beyond the pop art itself the reflection, the individual and his troubles, his suffering and his loneliness. The colour? Need to dress her black as she establishes. From her box she makes “universal” her message outside the box. Since 1999 she began her career exhibiting in museums, galleries and institutional sites in Italy and abroad. Among the major exhibitions including: “Acthung! Acthung! “Ex-Gil of Rome by Micol di Veroli and Barbara Collevecchio,” The Business of Art “at the Pan Museum of Naples  by Julia Draganovic,” 2.0 N.EST the making of the city / draw  your city “at  Madre Museum in Naples,” Furniture Palace Italy “, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade and” Cow Parade “in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. Roxy in the box has collaborated in the start-up of the format “Snack of values​​” by the videometro’ Naples. In 2008, as a result of a prize won by the Seagate Creative Fund the film director Massimo Andrei directed the documentary “Schiaffilife” life and works of Roxy in the box, which premiered to Artecinema by Laura Trisorio, and winner of the festival Artecinema of Bergamo. In 2010, was born the collaboration between the artist and Carpisa which was commissioned the construction of a poster to illustrate the “Green” Revolution “. Absolute star in 2004 “Kitakkat” by Gianluca Di Marziani_Galleria Stop.Sistema Creativo _Rome and then in 2005 with the “Svernissage” By Antonio Arévalo_Galleria Studio Fontana_Viterbo_lirycs in the cataloge of Vittoria Biasi and Antonio Arévalo. as in “Message in a bubble” _ by Micol Veroli_and Dora Diamanti Contemporary art_Rome. Experiencing even the record, we find her in two music compilation with the song “T’ggia  Scassà o Sanghe” Madrenalina by the Madre Museum (designed by Ciro Cacciola) and Cafè del friariello produced by Graf publisher and edited by DJ Gianni Simioli. She also collaborates with critics and curators of art such as Julia Draganovic, Gianluca Marziani , Antonio Arévalo, Anita Pepe and Micol Di Veroli. The path of Roxy in the box is now directed towards the investigation of photography and video through performative actions not-live: she lives in front of the camera as if  executing a performance with cutting tone and painterly look and composition that she will never abandon. Ready once again to reveal what is inside or outside the box