Roxy in the Box

Hi! I am Roxy, known as Roxy in the Box but I was born Rosaria Bosso. I am a visual artist and I live with my boyfriend Tano since 2005, I am not a stalker, I often feel old and fat, I used to have a steady job but after 18 years I gave it up in 2012, to live in full the difficulties of surviving with art. I don’t do drugs nor spirits (this is boring I know!) besides some good or excellent red wine, I’m careful with food, the only vice I have is smoking cigarettes. I know lot of nice people, very few trusted friends, I am often alone, sometimes by choice, sometimes because people think I am always busy. I love animals, the misfits, the elderly, my family, Morrissey, Elvis Presley, my things, my physical and mental space, pasta and bread, dark chocolate, my Mac, the succulent plants, the pop statues of famous people, my face moisturizer, television series… I hate Pulcinella, masks and fetish African sculptures (they give me tachycardia), I do not like dairy products (I never ate a mozzarella), I hate fake snob (the real ones make me smile) and I hate the arrogance. One of my obsessions is TV, I look at it, I comment on it and I am not ashamed of! Given that I was mould into PoP, I like to be updated on what and how media feed people. I like kind people when they get angry… When there is something that I don’t like and I say it, it doesn’t mean that I would have do it better… Welcome in the box!