“The installation is “between the sheets” where there is a man and a woman, good morning and bonjour bonjour. At a certain point in the video the characters appear wearing straight jackets. This was a reflection on how each and every one of us starts the day. We don’t all have the possibility of starting it the way they want.”





Between the sheets video/painting installation

A pop flower pattern  is impressed on the picture and slides onto the blanket on the bed, becoming space to live within.

A face shows up on the canvas, wearing a blue cap, reminding us about the Good Morning of any real day.

Our room changes together with performers.

The installation excites the atmosphere, and a place transforms in the ironic territory of mimetism, of any possible excess, of an upside-down of any old normality taken for granted.

Gianluca Marziani





Performers: Gennaro De Masco e Loredana Fabbrocino

Good Morning                                                                                                                             Bonjour Bonjour






Between the Sheets