the soul Light installation, 2012 c/o Be Cool Via del Leone 10 – Roma        Roxy in The Box presents an installation featuring a male mannequin dressed in an illuminated, bell-shaped skirt. The item of clothing is adorned with a print portraying human figures wearing black bands over their eyes, and excerpts from Emily Dickinson’s “The soul has bandaged moments” over their heads. The mannequin’s face is also partially hidden behind a black band. The entire work refers to a situation in which the our innermost selves are constricted. This is accentuated by social and market policies which all too frequently force individuals into alienation and transforms them into mere mannequins within a formless mass. In this dramatic context, Roxy in the Box nonetheless leaves the flame of hope lit, a interior light symbolizing the presence of a soul capable of overcoming uniform destiny.         photo by Federico Carnevale