Alessia Avallone

Alessia Avallone - Roxy in the Box

Freelance Journalist


Just a single click.

Yes just a click on that icon on the top left: the woman with red hair eighteenth century style on the ” KITAKKAT “brand.

A single click on an icon.

A window on a new world.

That was the time of MySpace, the social network not well know but what most attracted me was curiosity so I decided to press the button on the KITAKKAT icon.

When I crossed this new universe my eyes remained completely blinded by COLOR.

Pippi Longstocking was surrounded by iridescent butterflies, a woman in red strawberries grabs a dagger stripes; Stephanie holding a rolling pin and big spoon, has   basil in her hair and her head in the clouds, the Femminella sponsored Nutella, the couple faced the beginning of a new day on the song ” Bonjour Bonjour ” bound by a straitjacket; Spiderman was helping the St. Sebastian pierced.

How to live the experience of a dejavu ‘ I knew that all these works belonged to other lives.

Each of them had its own story to tell.

Many had sewn on stories of pain.

Among these I recognized her too: the champion of Contemporary SOCIAL POP, in her box struggling between life and art.

So I decided to try to peek inside this box to see and understand better but to do so I had to go through her ​wardrobe on the day of the change of season.

Besides the wardrobe was her, beautiful soul sitting at her desk for hours and days.

Eyes to capture everything and everywhere ready to taunt and mask through the middle of the POP ART what goes beyond the surface of Pop art itself, ready to touch and break violently.

Lights up like a lantern shedding light on dark.

Tear the paper sky theatre on which rests the whole of our society without any fear.

So the Smurfs besieged Hitler and the old woman selling bananas in the neighbourhood plays the role of Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill.”

Work crazy and desperate and great desire to experiment.

Splits in the act of conception of each work as a weapon for a two-faced laughing face of the weeping of the opposite face.

Screams in your face all the truth.

No one believes her, and many times they think she is self-centred .

But she does not care.

Continues on her way.

Her voice is even higher today.

She stinks of blood and smells of rose in a song by Raiz, performs giving reason and feeling to Elvis Presley.

She runs for the pop and saves icons.

Follows her heart and her art is just the result of the free movement of her inner life.

Roxy in the Box is like art ….  is eternal and has no age.

Alessia Avallone